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by Chloe Humpherson January 15, 2021 3 min read

So... a first impressions post for the Oddiseven journal I bought last week.

Firstly, postage was fab, received about 3 or 4 days after ordering and that included a weekend.

It was very well packaged in a standard book envelope which are always great because it prevents corners from getting banged. Out of the postal packaging comes this glorious box. The journal is also wrapped in paper which is fab, and there’s a loyalty card too boot. Can’t fault it. Faux leather cover in the “vitality” colour which is like a very red magenta. Not pink, not red, but gorgeous. The covers are thick and cusion the book well.
First page opens to a short note. A nice touch which is brand specific making it a more personal feel.

The inside of the book is lovely. Being my first white pages journal, I wasn’t sure how I would feel with it. I will say it’s very pleasant. Although the pages are white, they don’t give off that blinding reflective, headache inducing, light. I didn’t find it an issue to work with at all. Of course, for the want of a fair trial, I’m putting it against my Perfectly Penned journal. I’ve been using perfectly penned for 2.5 years and I’m 6 journals deep.The white of the odd is even pages is very clear and bright in comparison to a traditional ivory page. The signatures are stitched well into the spine giving a very sturdy feel overall. It’s very well constructed.The dots go right into the corner, they’re not too dark they distract from the artwork/writing, not too light they’re hard to see. They’re nicely spaced with not too much of a gap giving a lot of dots per page.

No page numbers, which I LOVE, personally, but always had an issue with the ppenned using the corner dot space for the number. I would take the corner dot over a number, but would love to have numbered pages personally.

Working with the paper is really nice. Considering the thickness of the pages, 160gsm, it’s easy to work in. The thickness gives you freedom of creativity and the safety net of being able to do over places you’ve drawn on without fear of bleeding or ghosting on the following page.
The paper is absorbent enough to tolerate heavy use of fineliners and felt tips. Creating my hello page didn’t result in any smudging which is both paper and pen related. A good combo is always a very pleasant thing.
As you can see, my previous journals are very heavily used (forgiving my lockdown one on the bottom) I’m confident at this point the odd is even journal will withstand the useage. Time will tell for sure, but as it stands right now I’m confident in the journal.

To my very pleasant surprise there’s a pen loop, a belt band, and two ribbons. Comparing to the perfectly penned which doesn’t have a pen loop but they do have one you can adhere into the journal. It’s nice to have something built into the journal because I’ve never bothered sticking the pen look into my ppenned because I don’t like the idea of sticking it anywhere. The loop is strong and hold the pen firm. Belly band flicks over nicely and holds the covers shut firmly. The expandable pocket at the back is always handy for notes on the go, stencils, stickers etc... you can’t go wrong with the addition of it, whether your able to use it or not for your journaling, it doesn’t get in the way and isn’t prominent while empty, so it’s better to have not need, than to need and not have.

I love having two ribbons because I can split my book when working to flick to and from previous pages I’m referencing, and also mark where I am in my monthlies, and where my trackers start. (I personally split) I was very pleasantly surprised and the thickness, I was concerned it would be thinner than what I’m used to but it seems just as thick as the ppenned.

Overall, I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase. It’s fantastic so far.
I don’t review pages and how it holds up to usage fully until I have used at least 100 pages. So, for now, I highly recommend giving this brand a try, and feel as though the odd is even journals are going to be a very strong condenser, specifically in the UK market, but undoubtedly across the globe too. Very well made, beautiful presentation, lovely ethos to the brand, competitively priced. Very worth the money.

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