Young woman's publishing business aims to help mental wellbeing

by Chloe Humpherson January 19, 2021 2 min read

OddisEven has been set up in Plymouth and helps charity in addition to producing journals and gift cards.

A young Plymouth woman has founded a publishing business aimed at helping people improve their mental wellbeing.

Chloe Humpherson, aged 21, has started OddisEven from her home in Woolwell, designing and publishing a range of journals and notebooks, gift cards and planners. Miss Humpherson launched her first five books in late 2020, all of which are inspired by the NHS’s “five ways to wellbeing”.

She said: “Having struggled with mental health most of my life, I wanted to create a brand to help people improve their mental wellbeing. When I discovered journaling, I found it such a useful aid that I wanted to share my experience with others.

“I wrote things down that I had difficulty communicating, the more I wrote the easier it became. My journal helped me function so much better throughout the day and being creative proved a great distraction method. Journaling became a passion and is very addictive.”

Miss Humpherson added: “It is so exciting to create my own products and even more exciting to have such positive encouragement from family and friends. I never thought I would have the confidence to do something like this, especially at a time where there is so much uncertainty. I am really proud of my brand and what it represents and can’t wait to launch our products.”

But for Miss Humpherson the venture is not just about business, she is intent on raising awareness and supporting mental health charities.

“When I created OddisEven, I knew I wanted to share our success by giving something back to those who helped me overcome my own problems,” she said. “That is why I want to donate £1 from every book sale to a nominated mental health charity.”

The first nominated charity is The Rees Centre Wellbeing Hub in Plympton, Plymouth. The centre is part of a growing network of hubs aimed at connecting people with organisations, information and activities that help improve overall wellbeing.

Kathryn Hussey, from The Rees Centre, said: “I wish Chloe every success on her journey with OddisEven. I understand the challenges many young people face in living with mental health difficulties and the often-devastating domino effect this can have on their family.

“To see a local young woman find a way to help herself overcome her challenges one step at a time, and then to have the strength and determination to want to share this with others is very inspiring.

“Her journals fit with the five ways to wellbeing which is what our Wellbeing Hub is based upon. I am very humbled that Chloe has chosen to nominate us as her chosen service to support through her sales, which will in turn enable us to continue to support people in accessing mental health support.”

The NHS’s five steps to mental wellbeing are: connect with other people, good relationships are important; be physically active; learn new skills; give to others; pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness).

By William TelfordBusiness Editor, Plymouth Live 13th Jan 2021

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