Supporting Mental Health Awarness

Nobody should face mental health problems alone.But all too often, organisations dedicated to helping those in need, face difficulties in raising money for better services and support. I know, because I’ve seen it first hand.

When I created OddisEven, I knew I wanted to share our success. Giving something back to those who helped me overcome my own problems. That is why we donate a proportion of our sales to a nominated mental health charity.

Our current nominated charity is The Rees Centre Wellbeing Hub in my hometown of Plymouth. The centre is part of a growing network of hubs aimed at connecting people with organisations, information and activities that help improve overall wellbeing. To learn more about The Rees Centre, please use the following link

To keep up to date with our fundraising efforts please check back regularly, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media. Thank you for supporting OddisEven. Shopping with us make our donations possible.